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Site Map
     A. April and Kellie's Novey Land
        1. FAQs- common questions ppl have had about policy debate
        2. Debate Terms- list of terms commonly heard in debate rounds
        3. Making Arguements- includes info on Aff Cases, DAs, ect.
        4. Evidence Trading Forum- forum where you can post about the evy you need
        5. Helpful Links- a list of links that may help you learn about debate
        6. Debate Forum- talk about anything debate related
    B. Lincoln County High School Debate- info on the team, awards, and accomplishments
        1. Mrs. Robinson and Claude- page dedicated to our DB8 coach and her husband
        2. Mick the Basset Hound- page dedicated to our "mascot"
        3. LC Traditions- info on common things that happen on db8 trips
        4. Pics page 1, 2, and 3- pics of the LCHS DB8ers doing debate-y things
II. Colorguard, Baton, Rifle, and Dance Team
III. Meet Kellie- includes her stats, and other info
    A. Pal Pics- pics of her and her friends having fun
    B. My Pics- pics of me, myself and I
    C. Friends- page dedicated to my pals, includes info on them
    D. Inspiration- random quotes on random stuff
IV. Fave Lynx- links to all kewl pages and pages that helped me create this site