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Making Arguements
  The Affirmative Case
Observation 1. Inherency
Here you should place a few cards telling what's going on in the status quo. Be sure to number the cards!
Observation 2. Harms
Here place cards saying why the status quo causes bad things. Try to get heavy impact scererios, i.e. economic collapse, racism, dehuminazation, ect.
Plan Text
Here is where you write what exactly you plan is going to do, who is gonna do it, and how it's going to be paid for and enforced.
Observation 3. Solvency
Place cards here that say your plan will solve for the harms.
Observation 4. Advantages
Here is where you put additional good things that will happen because of your plan. You can have as many advantages as you can fit is 8 min.

  The Disadvantage
A. Uniqueness
This is where you place a card that says the impacts are not happening in the status quo. For example, with the crime da, you could say that crime is low in your uniquness.
B. Links
This is how the impacts link to the plan.
C. Impacts
These are the bad things that will happen because of the plan. Make sure your link leads to them. Heavy MPX like nuke war, ect. are the best.

A. Definition
Put the definition of the word that they are violating here, i.e. significantly means 50%
B. Violation
Here state why the aff is violating your definition of the word. I.E., the aff doesn't affect 50% of the population so they aren't significant.
C. Standards
Here you place your standards, or reasons why your definiton is superior. I.E. Brightline, Fair limits, ect.
D. T is a Voter
Here you place reasons why the judge should vote on T. I.E. fairness, education, ect.

Soon to come, counterplans and kritiks!