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DB8 terms
Cross-apply: tells the judge to take a previously read card and apply it to a different arguement

DA: disadvantage

Dropped: failing to answer an arguement made by the other team is know as dropping an arguement. When you drop an arg. it automaticly goes to the other team, be careful, dropping turns, T, DA's ect. can make you loose a round AUTOMATICALLY!

Fiat: Fiat is the power the affirmative has to put a plan into effect. It saves us from making arguements like "there is no way congress will pass this".

Flow: a written record of the round that each db8er does to keep up with what's going on.

Line-by-Line: hitting every arguement in the order it was presented on the flow, the best way to win a round is to go line-by-line off of the other team's arguements

Negative block: the 2NC and the 1AR, often seen as a 13 min negative speech with a cross-x in the middle

Pull-across: tells the judge to pull an arguement across the flow so that it still stands

Sign-posting: telling the judge what arguements you are going to hit and in what order, you sign-post before each speech.

Status Quo: The way things are now